Comments and statements from clients

"I've been going for psycho-therapy for 30 years and I've never experienced anything like EPT! It's amazing how much lighter I feel andhow I have hope for my complete healing from depression!"


"My teenage special needs son doesn't mix any words when it comes to his sessions with you - he is absolutely certain he benefits from EPT. He knows when he needs it and he doesn't hesitate to ask for it.

He trusts you completely. He shares his most intimate thoughts with you and he doesn't do that with many people.


I can think of several recurring thoughts that were especially disturbing to him for years. After EPT, he never mentioned them again.


He listens and remembers the things you say during his sessions. He takes your words to heart. Even months later, he will bring up an observation you made about him and he'll relate it to something new he's thinking about, or he'll reference something from the past and use your observation to explain his actions in that situation. He feels you are "spot on."


Both of us truly believe that your sessions with him have been an important piece of his journey to better health. He is calmer, happier, more at peace after he sees you. Always."


"EPT really helped me through this (grieving) process to

1) set my emotions aside to support my family 2) to address those emotions at the right time and accept them, and 3) grieve the loss and forgive the things that would never be "talked" through. ...being honest and direct with myself about where I am emotionally, mentally, etc., which is another thing that EPT (as well as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teachings) have all really helped me to be successful in."


"I am amazed how deep I slept last night after you did EPT for me about my mother and nightmares! I only woke up once when it was daylight. Normally I wake up sooner and don't seem to sleep as deep. I am impressed with the results.


I wonder what else needs to be cleared!"


"I can safely, assuredly say that through EMDR, EFT and EPTWorks, God has brought me to a place of complete healing from depression and anxiety that I believe I have had most of my life. The hypnosis is just the icing on the cake!!!


Blessings to you and yours!!"


"I've been living with and monitoring a chronic pain in my neck and shoulder for years, caused by a spreading spinal cord. It's called Cervical Stenosis and will one day require neck surgery.


My neurologist checks me periodically, orders MRIs, occasionally gives me steroid shots in my neck and tells me to manage with ibuprofen. Jodi has recently recommended several non-big pharma approaches that have been very encouraging in reducing daily pain, including some essential oil blends.


I would definitely recommend talking with EPTworks if you need better physical or mental relief. You could be very pleasantly surprised."


"It really helps reduce my constant stress"


"What an awesome session!!"


"That work you did on me got rid of my chocolate addiction! Really!"